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Woman of the Week - 2022 Interviews


On International Women's Day (March 8) we announced a new initiative across all companies at the Loyaltek Group (Paynovate, LoyalPay, and Giftify). This initiative - Woman of the Week - is not just a form of recognition and appreciation for the remarkable women working at the Group, but also a platform to raise their voices and share their stories.

The Woman of the Week feature will run bi-weekly, highlighting how our women lead, negotiate, manage, and inspire. On this page, you'll find links to every Feature we've run in 2022.



Chiara Paladino - Project and Operations Manager (Giftify)

Blog circle frame Chiara

Click here to meet Chiara


Victoria Sergeant - Product Officer (Loyaltek Group)

Blog circle frame Victoria

Click here to meet Victoria


Najlae Laaouani -Senior Customer Support Officer (Giftify)

Blog circle frame Najlae

Click here to meet Najlae


Shannon Rollins - Global Marketing Manager (Loyaltek Group)

Shannon Circle (2)Click here to meet Shannon


Elaine Engels - Customer Support Officer (Giftify)

Blog circle frame Elaine

Click here to meet Elaine


Liesbeth Timperman - Customer Support Officer (LoyalPay)

Blog circle frame Liesbeth

Click here to meet Liesbeth


Jade Hazard - Global Product Director (Loyaltek Group)Jade Circle (1)Click here to meet Jade


Audrey Banzadio -Talent Acquisition Officer (Loyaltek Group)Blog circle frame AudreyClick here to meet Audrey


María Belén Galeas -Customer Success Manager (Loyaltek Group)Blog circle frame MariaClick here to meet María