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Meet our Founder & CEO: Robert Masse


Have you ever wondered how the Loyaltek Group - and Paynovate - got their start? Time to meet our CEO! Below you can read all about it, written in his own words:

I’m Robert Masse, the founder and CEO of Loyaltek Group

I’ve been a software developer since the 80’s and have had a front-row seat for Belgium’s evolution from late-adopters into FinTech leaders. Simply put, I’ve worked as a developer for Belgian financial since before the word ‘FinTech’ existed.

To say that I’ve seen change in the financial sector would be an understatement. When we first launched Loyaltek back in 2008, it was because we’d noticed a gap in the Belgian market: no one was providing digital customer retention programmes even though they were already common in other major markets.

That year we launched our loyalty card scheme - CARTOO – to meet this need. As our experience grew, so did our company – in 2009 we took things to the next level by offering our clients fully custom loyalty solutions including both card schemes and terminals. At that moment, Loyaltek was born.

In the past decade, Loyaltek has grown to address all things issuing and acquiring. We are no longer a loyalty programme provider. Instead, we now have a 60+ person team prepared to cover all our clients’ needs. We are using our innovative energy to help people benefit from a better financial system. And to accomplish this, we are playing to our strengths and evolving.

Recently, this evolution has meant a rebirth: we are now the Loyaltek Group.

So, what does this mean?

Our terminal business is now known as ‘LoyalPay’, to give an homage to the original company name while also solidifying that we are a trustworthy, secure player in the payments world.

‘LoyalPay’ regularly pairs with our award-winning e-money division ‘Paynovate’. ‘Paynovate’ specializes in digital payment solutions – including issuing and acquiring – for B2B partners across Europe.

As we’ve continued to grow this dynamic duet in 2021, we noticed another key market gap for corporate processing and payments. From this niche we’ve developed our newest company, 'Fintronik', to address the needs of innovative financial players looking for a secure partner.

This brings me to the fourth and final of Loyaltek Group’s companies: our gift card specialist 'Giftify'. In early 2021, under the direction of our Sales Head, we repositioned Giftify as a marketing technology partner for shopping centres. This new direction for Giftify also marks a new direction for Loyaltek Group’s future as one of the major European players in the fields of issuing and acquiring.

With all the evolutions of this past year, we can now support our clients with the tools they need to become innovators themselves.

Regardless of where your financial technology needs may lay, the Loyaltek Group is here to process your money the best way possible: easily, efficiently, and securely.


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