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Woman of the Week - Hatice Akkas

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Read the story of Hatice Akkas (Technical Support Agent, LoyalPay). Read on to learn about her passion for flying, her definition of success, and her positive mindset.

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Hatice Akkas

Introduce yourself! Who are you, and what's your role at the Loyaltek Group?

"Hi everyone! My name is Hatice Akkas and I'm 28 years old. I was born and raised in Ghent.I am working as a Technical Support Officer for LoyalPay. Besides that, I'm also a flight attendant for Brussels Airlines. I’ve been flying for 8 years now, it’s my passion and it’s the only thing I’ve done besides working at LoyalPay. I’ve worked for companies such as Thomas Cook and Tui. The reason I love flying is that it has allowed me to connect with amazing people, visit new countries, get to know different cultures, and try amazing food all around the world! 2 years ago I got married to an Egyptian and moved to Cairo. I thought that I had to say goodbye to my aviation career. But now I’m back in Belgium, and I hit the skies again, just like the old times. Now I am combining the two jobs with full passion, and I am genuinely happy. "

How did you end up at LoyalPay?

“Actually I ended up at Loyaltek because of my best friend who is more like a sister to me, Ayse Sisman. She started working for Loyaltek before I did. I was desperately looking for a job that I could do remotely when I was living in Egypt, Caïro. My husband is a Pilot at EgyptAir, and that’s why I moved to Egypt in the first place and why I was looking for a remote position. But now that I am based in Brussels, I’m doing both jobs from Belgium.”

What do you want to achieve in your career?

“What I truly want to achieve in my career is learning every day about the Technical characteristics of the terminals and the payment processes. I want to educate myself more in this field in addition to flying around the world. I want to become more successful with time. Of course, everyone has their own definition of success. I personally see success as a journey. I consider any of my achievements, recognized or not, a success. If I developed a new skill, discovered a new passion, and felt like I grew, then the experience was a success.”

If you could have dinner with 3 inspiring women, dead or alive: who would they be and why?

"That would definitely be my mom. She is such a strong woman with so many values. It's because of her that I am the person who I am today. Secondly, I would say Marilyn Monroe, she was the person that was always herself and never changed that for anything or anyone! She was always so positive about her body, her values, her self-worth. She taught me how to know your own self-worth, what’s important for you and to do what makes YOU happy. In the end, we only live once and we need to make the best of the experience. Do what truly makes YOU happy and what’s important for YOU and live the way YOU want and not how people around you want you to live. And, last but not the least, Coco Chanel, such an Iconic Designer. I'm obsessed with her story and her fashion."

Tell us about a professional experience that made you who you are today.

"All the things that I've gone through my life made me the strong woman that I am today. "

If you could share just one piece of career advice with women in our community, what would it be?

Never be in a competition with anyone, believe in yourself, want the best for other women, and unite together. There is no need for negativity: just wish the best for each other and grow together. Fully support other women with your kind heart. Never lose your kindness."

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Hatice!

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